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Starting with version 21.1, we began converting this help content to the guides you see at the top of this page. Within each guide you will find help content applicable to the most recent release of Lucity/EAM, as well as links to recent versions since 21.1. If you are using Lucity/EAM version 21.1 or newer, please refer to the help content in the current guides at the top of this page.

Help guides for versions 20.3 and older, referred to as “legacy” Lucity help guides, can be found at the bottom half of this page. We do not recommend you refer to these legacy guides, including their Search bar, except for content prior to version 20.3 or that is not included in the current help guides (above), such as Lucity Desktop.

EAM Administration

Covers administrative applications and functions for EAM.
As of 21.1, this guide includes many sections that were previously separate guides. Other administrative functions have been moved to EAM Web’s Admin Portal and are documented in the EAM Web help guide.

  • Installation and configuration
  • Release notes
  • Security

Covers the contents and use of EAM Web.
*As of 22.1, module-specific content that was previously only available in the legacy guides is now included in this current guide.

  • User interface
  • Admin Portal
  • Web Map
  • Timesheet
  • *Module records, fields, and usage
EAM Mobile

Covers the Lucity Mobile applications.

  • CS EAM Mobile
  • Lucity Mobile
EAM Integration

Covers integrating EAM with other systems.

  • Finance Enterprise
  • Cognos Analytics
  • Third party

Covers the Lucity ArcGIS Integration.

  • EAM ArcGIS Pro add-in
  • ArcGIS Integration Setup

Legacy Help Guides

versions 20.3 and older

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Lucity Desktop

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Lucity Web

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Lucity GIS

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Lucity Import & Update

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Lucity Mobile Warehouse

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Lucity Data Dictionary

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Lucity Administration Tool

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Lucity Security

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